Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Signs & Symptoms of Illnesses & Diseases

1.  If you are a good home nurse, what are the various home nursing techniques that you need to apply that will make the patient feel comfortable and speed up the recovery?

-I will give the right medicine to the patient so that he/she will be better.I will do my best to make the patient comfortable and happy.

 2.  Why should the home nurse monitor the vital signs of the patient?

 -The home nurse must monitor the vital signs because they need to know how the patient feels.

3.  How do you take the body temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure of the patient?

 -By using the thermometer,two finger,stethoscope.

4.  What are some practices that the home nurse must follow that will
           promote comfort to the patient?

- Home nursing by your family members.

 5.  How will you differentiate signs from symptoms of illnesses and
 -Symptoms you can feel it and signs

6.  If you are the doctor, what will be your basis in giving the diagnosis for your patient?


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bandaging & Dressing and Signs & Symptoms of Illnesses & Diseases

1.How to apply a bandage?
    -you should put the bandage carefully and neatly.

2.Why is bandaging important?

    -because if we don't know how to bandage a person many people will die.

3.When is the time that you should put the bandage?

    -when somebody is bleeding or injured.Do not waste the bandage because if you will waste it you cannot heal your wounds.

4.Where will you put the bandage?

    -you should put the bandage in the right place.

5.What is bandaging?
    -bandaging are used to cover wounds and other injuries.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making the bed & bathing the patient


1. Why do we need to know how to make an unoccupied and occupied bed?

      -Because the bed should be occupied so that the patient will be comfortable.

2. How does making a bed help in the fast recovery of our patient?

      -So that the patient will not get the virus of the patient who used the same room.

3. As a good home nurse, how will you be able to render your services to your patient through bed making?

      -By arranging the bed properly because the patient needs a clean bed.


1. Why do you need to give a bath to the patient?

     -So that the patient will not smell bad and be clean.

2. What are the materials needed for bed bath or sponge bath?

     -For bed bath you need:warm towel and hot water.For sponge bath you need:sponges,and warm water.

3. What’s the importance of using a urinal or bedpan?

     -They are important because you need to know what color the urinal is.

4. What do you mean by back rub?


 5. How do you differentiate cold compress from hot compress?